Filtran 716MB de datos procedentes de las bases de datos de Mt.Gox

El culebrón Mt.Gox no tendrá nunca fin…

Puede accederse a los datos a través de la web

También puede descargarse desde aquí:

Si se abre el código fuente de la página se puede leer el mensaje:  ” I hated working with you.   You deserve everything you get for what you did. “. Que sugiere que la filtración podría haber sido perpretada por un extrabajador de Mt.Gox (aunque vete a saber…) .

ATENCIÓN: El archivo TinneBackOffice.exe es un virus/malware diseñado para intentar robar los bitcoins de tus wallets. No lo ejecutes bajo ningún concepto.

Lo gracioso además es que publicaron los archivos a través del propio blog de Mark Kerpeles al que también pudieron acceder…. (a esta hora ya no se puede acceder al blog)

en fin… os dejo con las recomendaciones que publican desde mtgoxleaks en la que nos aconsejan cambiar el password en cualquier sitio donde lo hubieramos utilizado.

Los documentos publicados incluyen un currículum de Mark Karpeles, CEO de la compañía, y datos sobre transacciones entre los que hay un balance de cuentas que, de ser cierto significaría que aún podría haber 920.000 bitcoins en poder de Mt.Gox (desmontando la teoría del supuesto robo de monedas). ¿Mt.Gox dice la verdad?¿Llegaremos a saber algún lo que realmente ocurrió?

If you had the same password on mtgox as anywhere else, change your password NOW. Never run untrusted binaries, not even under the wine. Don't open untrusted PDFs. I've not included those here as I cannot be sure now if they are safe (they probably aren't). I also unpacked all the zips, nothing else was done.

Donations: 1GWPgPZXdbsExeaQN6ah28o5k19MoBTWxz LhTocv238FakjgZfg27fARtbZqjbkWx7e9

UPDATE! Included binaries are wallet robbers, proof here:

I have not done any modification, but this doesn't mean the data were not tampered with, so be careful, these are not authoritative sources.

Original data now available using torrent: (sorry, I decided not to link to this)

08:46 <redacted> if you do have to publish this data, at least anonymize it
08:46 <redacted> ie delete the UID/UID hash data
08:46 <redacted> even then it's not completely anonymized and can be subject to 
                  analysis... but it would be much better privacy wise
08:47 <lnovy> the data are out there... i would not help with doing this and I 
              would actually suggest people to download orginal version with 
08:47 <redacted> sure, the email data was out there too in 2011
08:47 <redacted> i can't find it anymore now
08:47 <redacted> we don't have to help it ffs
08:48 <lnovy> i'm not going to keep them there long, just for the first wave... 
08:48 <lnovy> i will delete the torrent link
08:48 <lnovy> and also censor all the links to original
08:48 <redacted> good
08:50 <lnovy> done
08:52 <lnovy> can I include this chat without your name?
08:52 <redacted> yes, without the name
08:52 <lnovy> thanks

Original pastebin is gone, so I'll put it here when I find it (sorry, I decided to redact links to files with malware)
Copy found:


(redacted) (716MB)

First and foremost, this is not Mark Karpeles. Fuck that bitch-titted motherfucker.

It's time that MTGOX got the bitcoin communities wrath instead of Bitcoin Community getting Goxed. This release would have been sooner, but in spirit of responsible disclosure and making sure all of ducks were in a row, it took a few days longer than would have liked to verify the data.

Above you will find download link and a mirror used without asking from Mark Karpeles very own

Included in this download you will find relevant database dumps, csv exports, specialized tools, and some highlighted summaries compiled from data. Keeping in line with fucking Gox alone, no user database dumps have been included.

Repost and share this info before it's gone. Lots of people, including us, lost money and coins. Upvote this post.

We stole no bitcoins. There were none to steal. If you want to donate, you can keep us full of pizzas and beers by sending coins here, 1859rayqN1X7DYjD1BrAHm4vaQxoUhhzsN .

Balance SUM for ALL USERS by currency.
Currency: AUD     Balance:     924,124.65121
Currency: BTC     Balance:     951,116.21905382  <-- That fat fuck has been lying!!
Currency: CAD     Balance:     320,184.36558
Currency: CHF     Balance:      99,487.07308
Currency: CNY     Balance:     297,775.78994
Currency: DKK     Balance:     112,264.56207
Currency: EUR     Balance:   5,634,625.59531
Currency: GBP     Balance:     921,892.96793
Currency: HKD     Balance:     740,519.14894
Currency: JPY     Balance: 384,885,150.13700
Currency: NOK     Balance:      91,346.00305
Currency: NZD     Balance:      58,224.95320
Currency: PLN     Balance:   1,645,194.67364
Currency: RUB     Balance:     551,162.54477
Currency: SEK     Balance:      15,335.84383
Currency: SGD     Balance:      43,193.59706
Currency: THB     Balance:     666,464.33497
Currency: USD     Balance:  30,611,805.67481

Total BTC Deposits:  19,065,241.307202  
Total BTC Withdrawl: 18,563,466.149383
BTC Difference:         501,775.157819


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